2011 Troutfest in Townsend, TN

This year's Troutfest was a huge success. Folks came from all over to join in on the fun. The weather was a little on the damp side with a few showers but that didn't deter anyone from having a great time!

Below are some snapshots of the event and the great folks that came by to visit.


2010 Troutfest in Townswend, TN

This year's Troutfest had a lot of great folks attending. There were artists displaying their talents in all areas of the fishing world. Great legends were there showing off their fly tying, casting and artistry talents. There were even some ole' friends stopping by our booth to chat for a bit. Everyone had a great time! Thanks to all who turned out to make this event such a great success!
Below are some photos of the friends that stopped by for a visit and the great folks displaying their
"stuff" this year.